Ideal Utility Services (IUS) has developed and produced the Ideal Group’s first steel ballistic barrier, which is also the first of its kind.

As most T&D World subscribers probably know, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (or NERC) mandated the CIP-014 standard just a couple years ago. It was implemented in the wake of an increase in attacks on power grids, substations and transmission facilities throughout the country and around the world, in which attackers have caused millions of dollars in damages and in some cases caused thousands of users (in each instance) to be without power for an extended period of time.

No power means no businesses. In turn, that means customers cannot buy, suppliers cannot provide, and employees cannot get paid. With basic necessities becoming more expensive, both consumers and the economy are put in vulnerable situations all because of a loss of power resulting from a ballistic attack.

That is why the ballistic barrier is so important.

Ideal Utility Services’ U.S. Steel design allows important airflow get through the wall system, allowing for close placement to critical assets while still allowing them to properly cool. Instead of building a wide perimeter around the outside of a site, the company can place the system inside the site strategically allowing for ease of access by utility employees while using much less barrier to achieve the desired protection level thus saving money.

The design offers a visually impenetrable shield against a wide array of potential attackers and has the ability to be custom made to fit the exact need. That includes the installation process in which the IUS ballistic barrier can be installed as close as 18” from the critical asset, virtually eliminating sight lines for long range attacks.

To make sure there aren’t any gaps, IUS also offers a video testing system to verify protection from all sight lines.

As for the wall itself, the design is more than just a steel wall that can be placed a foot and a half away from the critical asset:

  • The Ideal Utility Services ballistics barrier meets NERC CIP-014-2 security requirements for bulk power systems, Levels 3,4,7,8 & 10 Ballistics Protection, and are Lab Certified UL 752
  • The barrier’s design also creates a ventilation system which allows cool air to reach the asset, acting like a radiator and preventing overheating
  • The entire structure is made with U.S. Steel, making it resistant to fire, cutting attempts, climbing intruders and ramming, on top of being able to withstand winds up to 150 mph
  • Unlike typical walls, it can be removed and reinstalled for access to assets for repairs and maintenance and will not crumble over time with weathering
  • The modular design also makes future retrofits and expansions possible when planning the growth of the company
  • The IUS design also includes the ability to provide gates where necessary, which makes it the ideal partner to existing barriers as well

Protective against potential attacks, the Ideal Utility Services’ ballistic barrier offers protection from ballistics, customizable build and installation options, as well as offering an ROI. From first sketch to final bolt, IUS works with each customer to design, build and install the perfect ballistic barrier to fit their needs.

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